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Contortionist | Definition of Contortionist by Merriam-Webster

— Grace Dickinson, Philly.com, "Justin Timberlake, Philadelphia Burger Brawl, 11th Wanamaker Court Organ Day, and other events happening in Philadelphia, June 7," Thus sets in motion a series of dance performances from ballet to contortionist backed by different pieces of music including opera and spoken word.

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Welcome! I am a contortionist and contortion coach. Take a look at my work on the photos and videos page! I am currently available for contracts and corporate events.

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Contortion - definition of contortion by The Free Dictionary

Define contortion. contortion synonyms, contortion pronunciation, contortion translation, English dictionary definition of contortion. v. con·tort·ed , con·tort·ing , con·torts v. tr. 1. To twist, wrench, or bend out of proper or natural shape: fingers contorted by arthritis.

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Consertion - definition of Consertion by The Free Dictionary

com) conniverate noncreative (W2), nonreactive constabule locust bean contrarisome sermocinator (W2) coral teeth trochleate (W2) cortenions (plural of consertion (Webster's Revised Unabridged cortenion) Dictionary, 1998) cream toast macrostate (OED) cream-shitters (plural Christmas tree of cream-shitter) Denver omelette Love Me Tender (Elvis Presley film and song from 1956; www.

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Flexshow.com, Contortion and Flexibility Fun Site

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